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When it comes to oral pain, why wait?

When you’re dealing with oral pain, everything feels harder. All you want is relief—something to help reduce the pain. That’s where Anbesol comes in. Anbesol provides on‑contact relief every single time. From toothaches to gum pain, canker sores to denture discomfort, you can count on Anbesol to help get you feeling back to normal again.

  • Maximum, on‑contact relief for a variety of oral pain types

  • Trusted by users for generations

  • Recommended by pharmacists

Anbesol provides relief you can count on

Ready for less oral pain? Get instant pain relief with Anbesol.

Anbesol is available in liquid and gel options to alleviate oral pain.

  • Anbesol Maximum Strength Gel packaging

    Anbesol Maximum
    Strength Gel

    For your oral pain

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  • Anbesol Maximum Strength Liquid packaging

    Anbesol Maximum
    Strength Liquid

    For your oral pain

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